The Tallahassee Farmer's Market prides itself on promoting sustainable, eco friendly, and locally grown products. Our market hosts a wide variety of vendors who's farming practices range from organic to naturally grown to conventional. We are thrilled to be apart of a community of growers that share the value of providing you with quality products. Get to know each of our vendors below, check out their websites, and come by the market!

Berry Good Farm

Local Blueberries

Locally grown blueberries and other summer fruits.

Bumpy Road Farm

Non-GMO cornmeal, polenta, grits, and local vegetables

Located in Tallahassee, Bumpy Road Farm is a small, family farm that grows vegetables and uses non-GMO, heirloom corn to produce several corn based products.


Crooked Row Farm

Local, naturally raised chicken, turkey, and pork.

Located in Madison, FL, raising pasture based pork, chicken, beef, and turkey, natural and humanely.  Providing products such as burgers, bacon, chicken and much more.


Handsome Harvest Farm

Naturally grown fruits, vegetables, flowers, and herbs.

Located in Quincy, FL, using all natural farming practices they grow a diverse variety of seasonal vegetables, herbs, flowers and fruit.


K&K Farm

Regional Produce

Located in Quitman, GA, providing a wide variety of regionally grown produce.

Lucky Dog Farm

Local, naturally grown vegetables

Located in Tallahassee, providing naturally grown vegetables, berries, herbs, and fruit. 


Michelle's Miel

Local Honey

Located in Tallahassee, providing local, raw and unfiltered wildflower honey.

Ology Coffee Co.

Local Coffee Company

Formerly Journeyman Coffee, Ology Coffee Co. has teamed up with Ology Brewing to create a match made in heaven. You'll enjoy some of Tallahassee's best coffee when you buy from Ology.


Orchard Pond Organics

Certified organic vegetables, local honey, eggs, and grass-fed beef

Located in Tallahassee, growing vegetables, and raising grass-fed cattle. They also produce wildflower, tupleo, and gallberry honey, not to mention making organic granola, pesto, jerky, and more!


Play of Sunlight Mushrooms

Local, naturally grown mushrooms and mushroom starters

Located in Tallahassee, providing mushrooms grown naturally and using sustainable practices. 

Ragged Glory Farm

Local, naturally grown vegetables and pasture eggs

Located in Havana, FL, providing a wide variety of seasonal vegetables grown naturally and utilizing sustainable practices.  They also produce delicious jams, breads, and relish.


Rocky Soil Family Farm

Local, naturally grown vegetables 

Located in Monticello, FL, providing seasonal vegetables grown naturally. They Are currently building an on farm bakery, so stay tuned!


Serenity Acres Farm

Goat milk soap, lotions, and other body products.

Located in Pinetta, FL, raising their goats with all natural and sustainable practices, they provide a wide variety of handmade goat milk based body products, eggs, grass-fed beef, and goat milk products for animal consumption including cheese, milk, and yogurt.


Shirley Girl Cheeses

Aged and smoked cheeses from grass and natural grain fed pasteurized cows milk

In the process of relocating from Havana, FL to Tallahassee, they provide hand made cheeses including havarti, pepper jack, cheddar, and asiago.

Sunbliss Flower Farm

Beautiful Seasonal Flowers

Located in Cairo, GA

More info coming soon!

Tally Kombucha

Organic Kombucha and kombucha roll ups 

Located in Tallahassee, they provide a variety of kombucha teas that contain different types of fruit and honey with all ingredients organically sourced.  The also produce speciality "bucha" roll ups. 


Toad Lily Farm

Local naturally grown vegetables

Formerly Ripe City Urban Farm, Toad Lily is located on the west side of Tallahassee growing vegetables naturally and sustainably.


Blueberry Hill Farm

Regional and local fruits and vegetables

Located in Cairo, GA, providing a wide variety of locally and regionally grown produce.


Corkers Farm

Regional produce

Located in Calvary, GA, providing a wide variety of regionally grown vegetables.

Earthshine Acres Farm

Locally produced pork, goats milk products, and vegetables

Located in Greenville, Fl, Earthshine uses a non-GMO animal feed and raises heritage pigs.


The English Rose Cafe

Beautiful British inspired cakes, pastries, and other lovely items.

Located in Havana, Fl, The English Rose brings a sweet touch to the market every week.


Florida Georgia Citrus

Locally grown and produced citrus juice!

Located in Monticello, Fl, FL GA Citrus grows, harvests and processes citrus, mainly satsumas, into juice, soaps, syrups and more!



Full Earth Farm

Certified Naturally Grown vegetables and fermented foods

Located in Quincy, FL, FEF brings vegetables and fermented foods including Sauerkraut and Kimchi. They attend Oct-June. This vendor accepts SNAP payments



Grady Ranch

Grass-fed Beef

Located in Whigham, GA, they are a fourth generation family farm. Producing a 100% grass-fed and grass finished beef.



Havana Botanica

Rare and decorative plants

Located in Havana, FL, providing a wide variety of plants including succulents, house plants, and more!


Longview Farms

Pasture raised chicken, eggs, grass-fed beef, and bread

Located in Havana, FL, providing pasture raised chickens and grass-fed beef, utilizeing all natural, sustainable practices.  You also have to try their sourdough bread.


Martha's Shell Beans

Locally grown vegetables and shell beans

Martha has been with the market from the beginning, providing locally grown vegetables and wonderful shelled beans.

New Green Organiks

Naturally grown vegetables, micro greens and herbs

Located in Tallahassee, using all natural sustainable practices, they provide nutrient dense micro greens, vegetables, herbs, and more!


Paradise Found Farm

Pasture raised chicken and eggs

Located in Tallahassee, raising pasture chickens and eggs, and using all natural, sustainable practices. 



Quarter Acre Farm

Certified Naturally Grown flowers

Located in Tallahassee, growing certified naturally grown, local flowers.



Sherman Farm

Regional produce

Located in Calvary, GA, providing a wide variety of regionally grown produce.

Summit Garden Farm

Hydroponically grown lettuces

Located in Havana, FL, providing a wide variety of lettuces and other greens that are hydroponically grown.


Turkey Hill Farm

Naturally grown vegetables

Located in Tallahassee, growing a wide variety of seasonal vegetables, garden transplants, turmeric and ginger, citrus as well as providing Miss Louise's sourdough bread, farm grown cane syrup, and more!


8:00 am - Noon

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