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Join the Market

The Tallahassee Farmers Market is in search of new vendors who produce any of the following items:

  • Dairy Products

  • Produce

  • Flowers

  • Plants

Please know, although we have open applications, we do not always have spots available. A board member will be in contact with you upon receiving your application. This process takes time, so please be patient. This market is run on volunteer labor.


The Tallahassee Farmer's Market is strictly a food market prioritizing local farmers and producers. PLEASE READ the following before applying to become a vendor.

Allowed Food Products:

  • Fresh Vegetables and Fruits

  • Frozen Meat (Pork, Beef, Chicken, etc)

  • Locally Farmed/Harvested Seafood

  • Cheese, Bread, Grits, Honey, Coffee, Kombucha and other Value Added Food Products

  • Microgreens

  • Mushrooms

  • Flowers

Other Allowed Items:

  • Soap if made with farm ingredients

  • Cottage Foods only in addition to other farm products such as vegetables

NOT Allowed:

  • Jewelry, clothing or other non-food item sales

  • Tabling by non-profits or other organizations

  • Selling only cottage foods products

The market also prioritizes potential vendors who will be present during the bulk of the year, rather than for only a small portion.

Please apply only if you fit these criteria. Thank you. 

Stall Fees:

Annual Stalls

Single 12' X 12' stall $200 per year

Double 12'x 24' stall $400 per year (when space is available)

Flex Stalls (week to week)

12'x12' stall $10 per week 

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